Bridging the financial and educational technologies to personalize financial functions and educational funding...

For schools, colleges and universities; we seamlessly integrate the student information and academic data to provide secure and easy payment system with intelligent financial functionalities.

For funding agencies; we connect the academic & financial metrics and provide intelligence to regulate, track, and monitor the financial investement on education...

Personalized Digitial Transformative Finance Management Solutions for Educational Institutions

Digival digitally transforms the finance functions of the institutions. Our tech automates the fee payments by enabling the flexible digital payments infrastructure for the colleges and universities and seamlessly integrates the financial information with the existing system. Integrating our fintech modules will help the institutions auto-sort and auto classifies the income & expenses report saving tons of time.


Unified scholarship Card (DigiCard) for reward centric life long learning

DigiCard introduces a whole new way of leveraging the academic performance of students and scholarships/aids. Data insights from Digiclass makes sure the deserving students get the fund assistance, and DigiCard makes sure the funds are used only to accelerate the academic performance further. Digicard can act as an Academic wallet for the entire life of a student. Gamification rewards are seamlessly fed into the Digicard.

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